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The Worm Casting Process

San Francisco, CA

We use a specialized blend of organic materials and minerals to give the worms ideal conditions for reproduction and casting production.


Here you see the vermicomposting in the middle of the cycle. If you look closely you can see worms, the undigested worm feed, feed that has been digested and is now castings and if you look REAL close you can see the minerals and worm eggs.

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At California Soils the attention to detail and rigid quality control are paramount to producing a top notch product. We double screen all castings to insure product quality and uniform size.

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We use a proprietary blend of organic amendments and minerals to produce a top of the line casting for your plants. We can also blend a mineral balanced casting specifically for your plants.

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Cal Soils is capable of filling all of your worm casting needs. Whether you need a 1.5 yard solo sack or mutiple trucks, we have got you covered.


We fill 1.5 yard super sacks of worm castings that can be loaded in a truck for convenient use by landscaping companies and in gardens.