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On Site Soil Analysis:

Every growing environment has its unique challenges. Soil quality is a crucial element that will determine the final quality and yield of your crop at harvest time. Our team of experienced soil experts will work directly with you to examine your fields and discuss positive approaches to soil management and the various soil ammendments available that will help you to maximize your yield per acre.

Custom Soil Blends:

Every crop makes large demands of your soil. Environmental factors such as water, climate change, and present soil composition often create a unique set of hurdles to overcome. At California Soils we offer custom blends of soil ammendments that are specifically tailored to meet the specific requirements of growing your crop at your specific location. Call us today to discuss the soil ammendments available to optimize your crop yield.

Top Soil Tea:

California Soils, Inc. mixes a potent brew of our premium worm castings blended with our proprietary blend of nutrients and additives that will dramatically increase the potency, coverage and beneficial effects brought to your soil.

At California Soils, Inc. we are working to expand our line of Products and Services to accomodate the ever-changing needs of our customers. We are proud to show you this preview of the products and services we will be offering in the near future. Please contact us to discuss the needs of your business and the services we can offer to assist you.