Worm Castings


Simply put, worm castings are the organic waste product left after earthworms feed. Earthworms digest and break down many types of organic feed materials such as wood chips and livestock manure, as well as food processing or agricultural type waste. Worm castings are nature's perfect plant food.

Pure. Powerful. Odorless.

Worm castings are the ultimate soil amendment. Earthworm castings provide sustained release of vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphates and potash into your soil which are absolutely vital to plant growth. Worm castings provide a huge beneficial impact on the quality of your crops. The result is healthier soil, robust, disease resistant plants and higher crop yields at harvest time.

We us a specific species of earthworm that is known to provide the best quality castings. We feed our worms a specially chosen feed stock which results in the highest quality worm casting available anywhere on the market.

California Soils' worm castings are processed and screened to ultra fine 1/8" uniform particle size for easier application and better diffusion into our soil. Worm castings are available for purchase in 1 cubic yard totes or in bulk amounts, measured by the cubic yard. Please contact us today for your worm casting needs.